About Us

Welcome to SINAM Film and Tv Production, a dynamic production company operating in Europe and middle east. We offer cost-effective, high quality full production services for TV series, TV commercials and branded entertainment with cinematic character. Documentary film, news report and research. Sinam Film and Tv Production makes sure each shooting location is a sure-fire hit, well-prepared and on point with the vision of the film. You`ll be supported with a local multi-lingual crew, state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge film studios as well as having an authentic set design and construction. We provide creative and unique rigging solutions for both stunt and camera departments. You profit furthermore from well attuned and excellently trained. As production partner, we will maximize your production process and validate the investment while respecting the creativity and quality. Our goal is to provide easy, customer-adapted production services for you. We are also interested in international co-production of features and tv series. We work in all stages of the filmmaking process, from development to distribution. Sinam Film and Tv Production was founded in 2014 in Kurdistan and now the general office in Germany feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your next production.