Sinam Production develops documentary films, cross & multimedia project, TV magazines, corporate videos and more. Our projects are aimed at innovatively conveying culture to a broad, international audience and our passion for the art of visual storytelling have been driving us to develop multimedia projects and cross media contents for the web. Sinam Production films have been shown and contributed to the production on Aljazeera, Rudaw, knn, Alarabiy, bbc, alarabyia.  Our documentaries have been selected and awarded in several international film festivals. Sinam Production is a young and dynamic reality looking after each production step, working in team with a wide range of creative professionals.

The basic of TV programs is research. Through our research staff in many areas, we offer you many facilities for TV programs (political – entertainment – investigative – military – humanitarian – tourism) and in several countries of the world, as well as through the professional technical staff. We can deliver TV episodes in high definition, professional and good prices, as well as due to our international links with many companies around the world. We can provide services easily and smoothly professionally, so our experience for the programs is more than 270 TV hours for many international and local channels.

We are active in many countries of the world in our TV reports and direct broadcasting of urgent events, where thanks to our contacts with dozens of collaborators in the countries of the Middle East and Europe. Our team has been able during the past years to cover dozens of important global events and produce more than 800 TV reports, most of which were from hot regions such as Syria, Iraq and Palestine. We were also able to cover most of the events in the European Union.


Also, we were pioneering in the news of the liberation of areas occupied by the terrorist organization ISIS such as Kobani, Mosul and Raqqa. We were also able, as a single company, to cover the war on the city of Afrin with more than 98 TV reports for the benefit of many international agencies, to keep pace with the protests of Iraq through the direct broadcast of channels and high agencies. We are preparing reports and keeping abreast of events in full through our team in Iraq and Syria, especially since we have established a private studio in Baghdad through which we can receive guests and also direct programs through the SNG.